FuseMetrix Group

Finance Company Adopts FuseMetrix for Immediate Operational Efficiencies and Business Resilience

Following the 2007 credit crunch, as the UK entered the Great Recession, Alliance Asset Management, under the guidance of CEO Jeremy Lavallin, made the decision to invest in moving its entire operation to a single online platform.

19th May 2017

The decision to move to FuseMetrix facilitated new and strong business efficiencies, which in turn assisted the company to weather the recession and grow into an operation with a £14,000,000 turnover within ten years

Customer benefits at a glance:

  • Supported business growth of £11,000,000 without swapping or upgrading technologies
  • Functionality required by all departments on a single technology platform
  • Accurate business reports on all departments
  • Facilitated fact-based decision-making
  • Ongoing, mutually beneficial development, so the FuseMetrix solution doesn’t age
  • Supported business growth through and after the 2007 – 2009 recession
  • Delivered company-wide efficiency improvements
  • Technology comes with a continual efficiency improvement pledge from FuseMetrix
  • No conceivable reason why the business would ever need to migrate platforms
  • Technology overheads are stable, despite aggressive business growth
  • Provided accurate, real-time business transparency, measurement and monitoring ability
  • Enabled Alliance Asset Management to set new, industry-leading exemplary reporting benchmarks with funding bodies
  • Supports FCA audits and helps maximise the benefits gained from audit consultants